Getting an Online Divorce in Florida: A Legal Guide

Divorce can be filled with heartache and stress, but it also can be a major relief for spouses who are ready to move on with their lives. Either way, the process can be a hassle; but it doesn’t have to be with an online divorce. Florida is one of the easier states in which to get a divorce (or “dissolution of marriage”) because it permits DIY divorce processes for more straightforward cases.

Online divorce in Florida is more advantageous than an expensive attorney or a full DIY process because it is affordable and usually accurate. Take some of the sting out of your divorce by considering whether an online divorce is right for you.

Is Online Divorce in Florida Allowed?

Florida allows the use of online divorce to expedite the dissolution of a marriage. What is essential to note is that there are a few types of divorce in Florida, some of which may require the proficiency of a lawyer while others permit the accelerated use of online divorce. They are:

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

This is the quickest and easiest form of divorce. Here, the couple agrees that they want a divorce, have no children, do not seek alimony and agree to the division of property, assets, and debts. An online divorce would be well-suited for this kind of divorce.

Regular Dissolution of Marriage (Uncontested)

This category of divorce occurs when there are children or alimony is being paid, for example, but all of the terms of the divorce are agreed on,meaning it’s “uncontested.” An online divorce is also appropriate for this kind of divorce.

Regular Dissolution of Marriage (Contested)

This route is used for “contested”” divorces, where the spouses disagree on important matters that require resolution, such as child custody or property division. This type of divorce would require the help of a divorce attorney as this case might possibly go to trial.

Do I Qualify For an Online Divorce in Florida?

Because an online divorce is fairly fast and easy, it might be to your advantage to complete one. In order to meet the requirements for an online divorce, two factors must be present in your case:

Florida Residency

It is important to remember that in order to be considered a Floridian, you have to have met theresidency requirement of six months. Only one of the spouses needs to be deemed a resident. This can be obtained through submitting a copy of a driver’s license that is more than six months old or through a sworn, notarized witness affidavit saying that you have been a resident for more than six months.

Uncontested Divorce

The divorce must be uncontested, whether it’s a simplified dissolution or an uncontested regular dissolution.

Because Florida is strictly a“no fault” state, it is sufficient to say that your marriage is “irretrievably broken” rather than having grounds for the divorce such as fault of adultery or abandonment. Also, Florida requires afour-hour parenting course to be taken by couples who have children who are divorcing, so this must be completed before the final decree is given.

How Do I Get an Online Divorce in Florida?

Spouses favor online divorce because it is efficient and therefore more cost-effective. Getting an online divorce in Florida is easy with the following four steps:

  1. Qualify for divorce. The online divorce service will ask you some preliminary questions about your marriage to ensure it is uncontested and does not have any complications that would bar it from an online divorce.
  2. Submit your case specifics. Respond to the series of questions specific to your marriage and anticipated divorce such as the handling of the children, assets, property and other material elements of your divorce.
  3. Receive your papers. The service will generate for you completed documents pertinent to your case so that you can submit them in court.
  4. File them with the court. The final step is to file your finished documents with the court.

How Fast Can I Get My Florida Online Divorce Finalized?

You will usually receive your paperwork from the online divorce services in two business days. Most cases that are simplified dissolution of marriage can get their online divorce papers finalized in as little as a month. Although an uncontested regular dissolution of marriage may take longer, as long as the case remains uncontested, the divorce can be expedited fairly fast. Online divorces in Florida are a faster, more cost-effective way of getting a divorce, when compared to using attorneys.

Unsure Whether a Florida Online Divorce is For You? Speak With an Expert Today

If you feel a Florida online divorce could be for you, but are unsure where to begin,speak with an expert today about how best to proceed.

Legal Disclaimer: This article contains general legal information but does not constitute professional legal advice for your particular situation and should not be interpreted as creating an attorney-client relationship. If you have legal questions, you should seek the advice of an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.

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